Saturday, July 23, 2016

Did someone mention Ice Cream?

Did someone mention Ice Cream?

Every time I get the chance to indulge in ice cream which is pretty much every night this week (don't tell anyone) I get pretty excited. Do you ever get on a kick about something and you will eat it and eat it until you are so burnt out on it? Yeah...that is me. I am the same way with planner supplies lately and how I craft.

The Mrs Brimbles June box really spoke to my cravings with my planner and my habits lately.
Anna's original art again made into beautiful papers and stickers is just such a treat. I most likely will hoard use the paper for something to make for my planner although I am also a crafter so a cute cheery card for my grand daughter will be a good use of the paper as well. Since there are several sheets I can make some dividers or dashboards with it.

The adorable little clay charm is just unbelievably cute. I plan to deck out my yellow Kikki with this months box. I am going to use the ephemera to decorate the pages. There was a lot of really cute tags and sayings as well as shapes.

Now I will share my spread and the way I used my goodies and then I plan to share a really quick treat since I always like to do some kind of DIY that is easy to make your family will LOVE it!!

I popped a few of the diecuts from the kit on my page as well. There are tons of them in the kit

I threw my first ever clay charm in the mix just because it looks cute with the ice creams! I love these stickers of Anna's especially those adorable clouds and sun stickers, those are my fav's!

Stickers are adorable and the one set is Anna's own artwork. Did you know she has a sticker subscription box too? 

Just a little close up of this adorable ice cream cone charm! I love it!

Now if you love mexican food and have ever partaken of fried ice cream you will definitely enjoy the following.

Mock Fried Ice Cream

OMG this is the best thing! Yep you will be running to the store to get your ingredients!

Vanilla Ice Cream
Frosted Corn Flakes
Cinnamon (Optional)
Chocolate syrup (I used Hershey's)
Redi-whip (cause everything is better with whip cream)

Now I won't share measurements cause come on we all can eat a different amount and if you are having it for one or for a family it will be different. So here is my process.

First I take a ziplock baggie and pour what I think will be enough corn flakes for me, you can add a splash of cinnamon in the bag if you would like it but honestly it is just as good without (I like a lot of crunch and like the excess in the bottom to utilize even more crunch)

Crunch up the corn flakes in the bag with a rolling pin or in my case my fist

Then I take a spoon and scoop up some ice cream and form it into somewhat of a ball and plopped that baby in the bag with all the yummy corn flake particles

I shake it around and even smoosh a bit of it around in the bag to get it covered well. 

I put it into my bowl and let the excess fall out into the bowl as well (trust me you will use it)

Drizzle some chocolate sauce onto and squirt some whip cream on top of it and GO TO TOWN! Don't forget to breathe (its that good!)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Functional Planner Dividers

Functional Planner Dividers

I have not always been a "planner girl" in the sense that I am now. I have always utilized a planner both paper and digital but I never had the fever I have now for planners. I still am a newbie honestly, so I am still continuing to learn what works for me.

One thing I can share that has changed for me is that I made myself dividers for things I found myself needing to track or keep record of and that has profoundly changed my life because now I actually utilize my planner so much more than I ever did.

I have my own Etsy shop so I am constantly writing things on anything I can find on my desk so now I have a designated place to keep all that information! I also created a section for my blog and design team posts, monthly, menu planning, To do, Supplies. These are all categories that I felt I could use help organizing and keeping all things contained to one easy to use spot. Each year I find myself learning more and more about ways to keep myself organized with my shop and all the things going on in my life.

I am very OCD and I have always been an organized person even before I got into planners because it is just my personality. I arrive 10-15 minutes min early to any appointment, I ran my own company and I had a lot of balls in the air so I had to stay on top of a lot of things.

I would say I am an over achiever and pressure myself to get any and all things done that I can. I hate to say no to people so therefore my schedule gets hectic all the time but I seriously love my life being that way because it makes me feel much more alive. Yes things get stressful but I thrive on things being chaotic in a sense.

So if I had to give a new planner any advice it would be to make the planner work for you and set it up to where you will actually utilize it in the best possible way. For me I was not doing that until now. I have learned a lot from all my planner friends and I hope that by sharing tips when I can you can see how it can make things run smoother for you. Here is a pic of my planner and my dividers. Here are some photos of my dividers.

Now to share some goodies with you from Brimbles Stationary Box

I plan to use these cute little folders for pocket letters and let me tell you these washi's I am in love with the arrows!!

Anna's original artwork is always a bonus with the kits. I save all these cards to put in my planners. Such a cute pen and pretty button flairs you can make refrigerator magnets or paperclips with!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Spirals and Binders and Travelers OH MY!

Spirals and Binders and Travelers OH MY!
choosing the right planner for you

Today I am on Mrs Brimbles blog so click here to go over there after you finish if you would like to see other post and lots of goodies!

Its funny I have always been a "crafter" and moved into a plannerd and the obsession with having lots of planner supplies is in full swing because that is typically how I roll. I go in with all guns blazing when I start a hobby. Much like crafting I had to have all the tools and sometimes would buy something just because I was new and others had it so I surely needed it once I figured out how to use it that is! So now my craft room runneth over! I slowly started mixing in with the planner crowd and less with the crafting crowd. Although my love for both still continues I have found a way to merge the two loves.  I decided to make paperclips and then my obsession with planners and all things planner related kicked in. BOOM i was hooked and BOOM I had an Etsy shop. 

Today's discussion is a bit of a run down of various planners and if I own one I will give my opinion but maybe if you are new it will give you some insight as to what planner would work best for you. Everyone talks about "planner peace" to me this is a fictitious state in which most planners will never achieve because most of us its not so much about finding the one planner that will "complete us" its more of a collection. Much like buying a beautiful designer purse because you just love purses, planners can be that same for many people. You might have the same planner in multiple colors or sizes even. Personally for me I like big planners and I cannot lie! I can't deal with the small ones although I think they are cute and could serve as a wallet and thus be dual purpose. Lets break down the 411 on planners.

These are much like a large notebook but depending on what brand you buy you can sometimes select the layout you want for your weekly spread. I love these planners because I use notebooks a lot to doodle, take notes etc. so my spiral planner is something I can use for all those things PLUS it keeps me organized. I personally love Limelife planners. They have so many different weekly layouts to choose from that you are bound to find what you want. There are add on's such as "meal planning", "social Media"etc. I have both of these add on's in my planner. They now have a teacher planner as well. You can customize your cover and the owner is so sweet even if something doesn't say you can customize it she will go the extra mile to do something requested if she can. I like to support small woman businesses and this is definitely one of them. Also awesome side mark here there is a place you can go to print off a sample of each weekly layout so you could play with it and see if it truly going to work for you. The con is that you cannot remove the pages to decorate or write so sometimes the coil gets in your way. I do like being able to fold it over like a notebook but again certain days of the week are hard to stamp or decorate because you are close to the spiral. Now there are several companies out there selling spirals like Erin Condren, 1407 planners, Plum Paper Planners and more. I have owned an EC and for me personally the Limelife is much better quality and much more customizable. Paper quality is excellent. Stamping in the planner is great because of this. But keep in mind there are many inks that work best when stamping in planners so do your homework on that. I let my daughter have my Erin Condren when I got my limelife so I don't have it here to take a pic.

Most of the sizes are close on these planners. Roughly 7 x 9"
Here are the links to check them out:

Price Points: 
Limelife Planners $55 plus add on's 
Erin Condren $50 and up
Plum Paper planner $31 plus add on's
Happy Planner $24.99 (not exactly a spiral but it falls between spiral and ring)

Ring Binders:
I have owned the daytimes, filofax, webster pages, simple stories, Kikki K ring binders. They come in multiple sizes depending on your needs compact, personal, A5.  I personally am a Kikki girl. All of the ones listed are great planners and many are coming out with so many colors, and designs that I will continue to own them as well! (remember I am obsessed now) My Kikki K is my favorite planners. I only have a small amount of them but the ones I have I love. The quality is wonderful, I love the colors they offer and the styles inside the planner with the pocket configurations. I do love the new webster pages coming out and the simple stories as well so for me most ring binders will work for you it is just a matter mainly of your budget. IF you want leather binders filofax and kikki both have excellent quality. If you are vegan several of the companies have a more vegan friendly materials. Alway check your rings when you get one to make sure they are tight. The nice thing is you can remove the pages to decorate so that the rings don't get in your way. 

Sizes: Compact, Personal, Medium and A5

Price Point: (starting prices can vary depending on size. I will be going by A5)
Filofax $67 and up
Kikki K $70 and up (watch for sales!!)
Webster Pages $45 
Simple Stories $45
**watch for sales and clearances for some great deals on all of them

I always thought that these were more for journals but there are so many people making inserts for them that have more of the calendar aspects to them or other books to track various things. Then you can still get the grid paper notebooks, lined notebooks and you can have multiple books within your cover so you can go to town with this! Its a great item to take with you on trips so you can doodle, journal or keep track of your life. You used to see these mainly made out of leather but now so many companies are making their variation of these. They come in a variety of sizes. They can be called midori's, fauxdori's, sewdori's and many many more! They can be leather, fabric and a variation of faux leathers and materials. They come in various sizes also. You can easily make your own if you watch youtube and also make your own inserts. So this can be a fun project or help if you are on a tight budget. I just bought my first one the other day and it was a fabric one and it is so cute! So you can really show your personality by buying or making one with fabric that speaks to you!

Sizes: Passport, Pocket, Personal, Regular, Wide, Extra Wide
Price can range from $30 and up depending on materials and size. 

I am no expert but hopefully this little run down helps a bit.

Now for a bit of eye candy! Did you know that Mrs Bimbles has a sticker subscription now too! SAY WHAT!! Here is a pic of all the stickers I received from the subscription. I mean what a good variety of stickers right!

Sticker subscription

A5 Planner Box

 Thank you for stopping by and hope you found some of the information helpful!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Kawaii Box Review & Giveaway!!

Kawaii Box Review & Giveaway for you!!

I don't know about you but I love kawaii items. I love kawaii clipart, plushies and all the cute kawaii stationary so when I was given the opportunity to review the kawaii box subscription and I was excited. I want to thank Kawaii Box for allowing me this opportunity!

I will walk you through all the goodies that were in the box and give you my honest opinion of it and also give you a chance to win one for yourself. 

There are several subscription plans ranging for as low as $17.30 to $18.90 so it doesn't break the bank and that includes shipping!! There is a card included to tell you all the items that are included. Here is what was included in the box:
**Korean DIY Stitching Keychain
**Moomin Plushie
**Neko Sticker Sheet
**DIY Bead Bracelet set
**Lucky Baby Sheet Pen
**Funny Forest Greeting Card
**Kawaii Mini Pouch
**cute Bunny Paperclips
**Taiyaki Crepe Charm
**Korean DIY Magic Balloon Set
**Bourbon Petit Green Tea Flavored Cookies

So as you can see that is alot of items!

If you have children I am sure if there is something that is not necessarily for you it would be something they would love. This months box that I received was more for the kiddos than for adults but again the value of the items you get are far worth the cost of the box. 

I can't wait to see what fun my granddaughter has with the little kit to make animal balloons. 

There are two little kits, one to make some jewelry and the other to cross stitch a key chain so you can see this is going to be a fun box for my granddaughter! She will love the cute kitty stickers and the pen and paperclips can be used in her school agenda.
Here you can see the little jewelry kit, an adorable sheep pen, paperclips, a crazy little fish charm and some stickers!

 Also included was some Green Tea flavored cookies. The plushie is also super cute, she can add that to her backpack.  

So as you can see there are alot of fun things in the box. I enjoyed opening it and seeing what all was included and I personally would definitely subscribe. If you want to see some of the past boxes make sure to visit the site, if you aren't sure you want to commit to each month there is a one time option to get the box and see for yourself! Click here to visit Kawaii Box site
Now the great thing is they gave me a box to giveaway to one of you! You do not have to do all the things to enter. Do all of them or do a few. The more you do the more chances you have of winning. So go enter to win!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Brimbles March Box

Hello there! I am sharing my March Brimbles box items and what i did with the beutiful papers that came in the box.

Stop over at the Brimbles blog to see the items you can order and if you are interested in subscribing or just want to browse what Anna and the team has shared.

There were 4 sheets of 12 x 12 Echo Park papers in the box this month and they are all so bright and cheery! Then the adorable bunny correction tape, 2 packs of stickers, washi tape and the cards with the artwork and this adorable dashboard. This dashboard is by far my favorite. This bunny is just too cute!

Pockets I made with the papers and look at that cute washi tape and bunny correction tape

Dress up your planner with some cute planner clips and goodies!

Adorable Bunny Charm from Cloudy Cow

One of the folders I made showing it closed up

Love the cards included with the bunnies on them. I like to stick them in a pocket peeking out to make it cheery.

I am going to give you some info on how to create your own pocket folders for your planner with the 12 x 12 paper. These instructions are for a A5 sized planner so all you would need to do is modify the sizing which should be fairly easy but same procedure to create the pockets.

Here is a pic where I snipped out a triangle to take the folder in and out of my planner. You can see I should have done the opposite with the paper as my bunnies are upside down on the inside! That is one of the lessons I learned during this experiment but as they say there are no mistakes in paper crafting!

I have a drawing below with the measurements and easy to follow instructions. On the area that gets adhesive I just used an ATG gun, you can use a fine line of liquid adhesive or a tape runner would be best.

Play around! You can make so many things to personalize your planner if you just browse pinterest and some blogs or just have an idea of ways to make your planner work better for you! I hope you will share the things you did with your paper that came in the box this month and maybe I will get more ideas of things to make as well! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Oh Where oh Where has my MOJO gone?

My personal battle
I thought today I would share something a bit more personal that I am battling and I know alot of my creative friends have either went through this or are currently going through the same thing and that is losing your mojo. For me personally I am going through menopause and that has its ups and downs on its own with depression but also can bring you into a slump creatively. I wanted you all to know that all of us woman who create things for a living or even just for fun are battling our own issues at one time or another. Most likely if you are in a creative slump it stems from something much deeper that you just have to take the time to figure out. I bet you have a clue where it is coming from and if you take the time to see it through you may be doing yourself a bigger favor by solving the deep rooted issue of the mojo buster.

I have an etsy shop and so my creativity is a part of how well my shop functions so as you can tell by the conversation it isn't going as well as it could be at this moment! I am also on design teams that my creativity and mojo have alot to do with how well I function in that arena as well...and it is suffering too. Luckily for me the people who I do design for are very understanding people, they are creative people as well so they understand the ups and downs and having no mojo or ideas of what to even create.

I stare blankly at products that I truly love and I have no direction on what to do with them, i have no interest in playing with them, I honestly feel like I am in a black hole peaking out at all the beautiful colors but all I can see is the empty dark hole where I am locked in. It feels like a force that has me chained to my seat and won't let me out.

So what I am trying to tell you is that creative people can fall off the creative wagon too. Its not all sunshine and rainbows for us. I know there are so many times I share something I have made and I hear "Oh I wish I could do that" and I think to myself "I wish i could too" meaning that I may have just been on auto pilot because it is something I have made over and over for my shop and it wasn't because I felt creative at the time it was something I had to do.

I personally don't like to be forced to make something when I am not feeling it but having an etsy shop or a commitment you need to fulfill can be a blessing and a hindrance at the same time. It does force you to make things but when you get where you are battling a bit of depression because of menopause it is a constant struggle. But honestly if I am not forced I am afraid i will be stuck in the black hole forever so in order to break the chains I need to be made to reach out of that hole everyday.

Ways to get your mojo back

1. Go for daily walks to see the beautiful out there that may inspire you to start something that day.

2. Make a date for coffee or a meetup with a friend to socialize and catch up with each other.

3. Take some time off to regroup and don't feel guilty for it.

4. Browse pinterest and some of your favorite blogs to get some ideas or see if anything sparks and idea for you to create something.

5. Journal, get out your feelings on paper. Doodle and push yourself to get some fresh new ideas because it could be that you have made alot of the same products or designs and you need a totally new item to make you feel alive again.

6. Challenge yourself to think of 2-3 new things you want to do whether it be on the creative end or maybe it is a new place you want to go, a new item you want to get for yourself etc. Don't think of everything in terms of how it will make you feel creatively because making yourself feel good is equally as important to your creativity because they go hand in hand.

7. Get a new book to read. 

8. Buy a few new items for your supplies that you may have not worked with before but always wanted too.

9. Treat yourself to a spa day or go get your nails done just something for you personally.

10. Browse instagram. Chances are you are following people that are either making products also or that have some interest to you that may spark a bit of ideas for you.

11. Talk to someone. Sometimes that can be your spouse and sometimes it can just be a blog friend or someone who most likely can relate to what you are going through.

For me I make planner items. Mainly paperclips, stickers and that sort of thing. I am a newbie with sewing but I do enjoy it so I decided to put the paperclips etc. to the side and break out my sewing machine again. I purchased my first fauxdori that was a cute sewn one and I thought "I can make these" so it gave me a real sense of creativity and meaning again. So maybe just switching off one thing you do and turn on another. Sewing is going to help me get my mojo back. Going to the fabric store and seeing all the pretty fabrics that I can create more fauxdori's off has lit a fire in me. Maybe it will be the fire that will continue to give me the energy to get back to my other things at some point as well. 

I also like to doodle and it makes me happy when I get an idea of something to make someone so I will doodle a drawing (rough) and then create it. Like this example below for someone super special! YES ANNA!! So see you can find inspiration also by just thinking of something new you can create to give you something fresh to work on. 

I hope this wasn't a boring blog post for you all to read. I just wanted to maybe help someone else out there and let them know that you are not alone. Its not always easy when your in a group of people who you see making the prettiest spreads in their planners and all you can do is stare blankly at the pages and you see nothing. So for this post there is no pretty spread because I decided I didn't want to force the process. 

I am going to share the wonderful Feb Brimbles box I received for you so that you have something very pretty to look at after reading what can be a dark subject!

This month was a unicorn theme. Beautiful colors that made me smile. I do want to do a layout using these items but I didn't want to force the process because i just knew I wouldn't like it if I did. But the girls have provided plenty of pretty layouts using the items. The polka dot foil washi is one of my fav's and of course having more items with Anna's original artwork makes each box so special.
I love being a part of the team, they are not just teammates they are my friends and they are truly the support that sometimes you need in times like now. So lean on people when times get tough for you!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The addiction is real!

I am still a crafter of cards and 3d items but planners have taken over my life obviously! I cannot stop making cute clips for planners! Here are some new ones i thought I would post! 

Hello Kitty Meets Monster Inc.

I absolutely LOVE the walking dead so I added a new character to my group of Walking Dead clips. CAROL! She is BADA$$ on the show so instead of her holding a tray of cookies like others suggested (because she does bake cookies) she has a gun. Ok Daryl, Rick Glenn, Michonne and Carl you have your new clip bud Carol. Who will be next?

I love the way these turned out. Lots of parts but totally cute. 

This hedgehog is the cutest EVA!

Audrey gets Valentine-d

Were off to see the Wizard...

Bear Bunnies!