Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cricut Imagine HSN

Wow I was watching at 12:15am and was surprised it was on. I was planning on recording (and did set it) to record almost 8 hours of HSN so I could see everything. I have the expression and love it and definitely didn't think I would want a imagine because of the price etc. BUT I'm sitting here and knowing that they are offering 3 cartridges and if I choice to get one later it will only have one and it won't have 5 easy payments so.....husband is not in the room he is playing playstation or watching football or something so he doesn't know I got it! He will have to pay for it though! He was just saying I didn't need a job I got him and he would rather me be home with him but he may change his mind! I won't be able to sleep now!

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