Monday, September 13, 2010

New Cartridges!!!

I'm so excited because I got the Oct. 31st and Happy Hauntings cartridge today!!!! I also got everyday paper dolls as well but I'm really excited about the Happy Hauntings! I never enjoyed decorating etc. for Holidays but for some reason I am all excited about this stuff for halloween. I think what got me was I went into a local scrapbook store and they had the cutest shapebook and it was a halloween one so then I just all the sudden got the bug! I will post my book once I get it done. Obviously I can't do a welded one as I had wanted because I don't own a windows computer only macs. So I use SCAL but of course you can't use the cartridges so its a situation! I do own CDS and plan to buy a cheap laptop just to use for that in my scrap haven! My wonderful husband doesn't ever mind getting me these things! He actually took me to Michaels because I wanted to get the Embellishment Center (it was 50% off) but they were out of them. Got a rain check and as soon as they get one in I will run over and get it. I will post of course once I hang it!

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Texas-Scrapper said...

Love your site.. I lived in Orlando closer to Kissimme in 86-88. I'm from Texas and I just couldn't stay away I'm also 46 and retired, not by choice tho. My husband was a structual steel welder and right before we came home they had started on the MGM studio. That was such a great place to live. Your hubby must be very special{buyin You things} Thats so sweet. If mine were here he would be the same way. God I miss him. Oh I love your design on your cricut..Where did you find the image? I Love your site....