Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Vinyl Project

Here is a cute SVG file I purchased from http://dscrapbookingroom.blogspot.com/
I love this file. Although it is very detailed so you have to take the time to pull all these little things off. One big lesson I learned WAS NEVER CUT VINYL ON A NEW MAT!! The backing stuck and it was terrible trying to get this off my mat!


Chris said...

Love that circle. Wow was it a lot of work. Just love the other sentiment too! Great job

crotnem said...

Love the saying!!! Too funny girl

DebC said...

Chris yes it was ALOT of work. Even putting it up on the wall was alot of work because the lines were so delicate and wanted to not stick so I had to go carefully and rub over the areas several times. But I love it. My walls area a real pretty pink so the green looks good. Although the pic shows the walls dark. Thanks for the comment!

Sugarlite02 said...

Wow I love the new circle for your wall. Great job !!!

mommyfink said...

I love that circle decor! How cute is that? Thanks for playing along with our first challenge! Good luck!!!!!