Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Updated pics of craftroom

I took a couple more pictures of my craft room since a few of mine were alittle dark. Here they are....oh and you can see my craft buddy is back up on the desk! He is there always! My view out the window is pretty nice because it looks out to our pool. Which I think is why my little guy max loves to site there and look out. Max is a lhasa Apso but don't tell him because he thinks he is a human. He acts like a little ole man!

My extra table I scrap on with my cricut

Inside my closet

My growing collection of cartridges I think I have to have that I don't use much to be honest. Scal2 is what I end up using the most.

I have a glass L shaped desk and this is a cabinet that holds my printer and tv. Inside I have totes that have alot of misc. in!

I got both of these embellishment centers at Michaels for half off so I couldn't pass up getting two. I'm still filling the one up but it will happen so better to have more space than not enough! My walls are pink because I LOVE PINK!!! My curtains and pink and black which you can see on my other posting of my scraproom. I love them because they are Paisley which is another one of the things I'm obsessed with, oh and owls, flamingo's too! (cause they are pink!)


Jennifer said...

Your scrapping buddy, Max, looks just like the one that sleeps under my craft table. Her name is Gracie -- she is a white Shih Tzu. Cute craft room!

~ Jen, CWC DT

mforquer said...

Wow - what a great room! Can I come over?? Love the pup too!

Monica said...

Wow is right! I'd love to have a space just for crafting! I use my kitchen table! TFS! I'd love it if you'd check out my blog:

Theresa said...

What a great scrap space...and Max is precious.

K Andrew said...

Debs room is adorable! I just arrived here and was able to see it in person!

Ladybug said...

Debbie, your blog is adorable and I LOVE your pink craft room, right down to that li'l fluff ball on your desk. :-) My li'l Bailey would LOVE him/her!! :-)

Looking forward to checking out your blog some more. (I became a follower!) ;-)

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Great space!

Luv2Craft4u Designs said...

I love your craft room. Your fur baby is so cute! I just became a follower.

youvegotmel said...

what a great space to create!!!! Love it and love your blog! I just added you to my faves! See you at the Scrappy Chic Cafe!

Sheryl27 said...

My craft room is pink with black and white too!
I also have an adorable little furbaby. I used my closet for space like you did. BUT, the similarities end there because you would need to add a sofa bed for guests and about 10 times more decorative stuff. Can you say full? :>