Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My blog redo

I have finished my blog redo!! I made my dividers, badge, header and favicon. I really enjoyed doing this so I think I am going to perfect it a bit and maybe find a new little career redoing blogs!! I always enjoyed website design and took a class in it once but never pursued it. It was more of a hobby at that point. Now I have time on my hands and I really loved doing this so I think I will do this!! Hope you like it!!


Jennifer said...

I've got a blog you can practice on! Great job -- it looks awesome!

~ Jen @ Musings of A Crafty Mom

jennyplace2 said...

This turned out totally awesome girl! I just love it...and yes you can also practise on my boring blog. Love your blinkie also, was that hard to make? Great job!

Sue in CT said...

Very nice!

Debc06 said...

wow another Debc, Love your blog site looks great.

Jennifer said...

Great looking blog! Love what you did with Jenny's blog! Looks great!
craftycardgallery at gmail dot com

Simply AJ said...

Wonderful job on your blog (clap-clap)! I really like the clean/uncluttered feel. You should be very proud of yourself (pat on the back)- It looks very professional!!!

I want to create my own look (currently using a free template) and right now, I have limited funds that I can sink into hiring someone. I think with the right tutorial(s) I could do it myself. Any sites or resources that you could recommend for me to check out? Trying to find instructions that are simple and in laymans terms. Feel free to email me. AJ