Thursday, June 16, 2011

Its all in the timing!

I know I haven't posted a project in a while because I have had family visiting. I have been busy preparing for my first Cricut 360 DT post and a guest design spot that I will post when its time! Lets just say I was SO honored to even be asked by this person. I love her site and I'm hoping my project looks good enough for it!

I have to say in preparation for these projects I have used my imagine like crazy! I printed lots of pattern papers with the machine. The blossom pattern papers are WONDERFUL....I love this pink one in partricular that I will post on here because its just so pretty. I printed several pinks for my project and used the yummy cart for a few patterns too so it was beautiful paper when i got done. I'm really loving my imagine now. First go around I didn't care for it. The more I use it the more I love it.

Thank you provocraft for listening when we all said we wanted ink, mats and stuff on the rewards program. I was able to get 3 color inks and 3 black inks for my imagine! I was beginning to think my reward points were pointLESS but then they added the inks. What a deal! Now if they would add the imagine mats too!

Here is a pic of the pink paper that is my favorite off the blossom cart. I cut up the others for my project but printed an extra of this one so I can show you plus I'm using it to help my granddaughter make a sign for her sister's room.  Ok my camera STILL sucks but here is a pic of the paper but its much prettier in person. I'm getting more of the pattern carts. I didn't figure I would print full page pieces but now I really like that. Especially want the Teresa Collins black and white, vintage papers too. Plus I want the Teresa Collins baby boutique because it has some really cute images on it. So I have a wish list going! I still don't have campin' critters and I love that one too!

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