Friday, December 16, 2011


All I can say is WOW....I really wanted a mini but just couldn't justify spending the money on one since I have a few machines but still I wanted this little bug! Then I see I won the grand prize on "Creative Time" blog for the 12 days of Christmas! WOOOOOOTTTTTT WHOOOOOOTTTT I cannot tell you how happy I am!! Now I don't really know where I am going to put it but I will squeeze this little bugger in. I find I don't really use my E2 alot but course its like giving up a finger or something to get rid of machines and i would never get rid of it but I think I will move it down to another area and use the little one to play with it. This one will be nice for traveling. Hubby has wanted to go on a road trip and this way I can stay connected with my crafting as I am traveling so I'm super exciting about this. Now I can leave without feeling like I won't do any crafting when I'm gone.

My imagine messed up so I'm waiting on a cord for it to see if that fixes the problem (honestly I believe it won't but Provo Craft has to try this first) but thankfully its still under warranty so I can get a replacement machine. I was so sad because I haven't had a lick of problems with it since I got it in March. All of a sudden it would print and not cut. This was one machine I didn't think I would use much but its became my favorite machine honestly! Maybe they should consider a mini imagine too! That would be cool! Well Thank you to Emma for the wonderful hope and to my super super super good friend (who knows who she is)  who always encourages me and helps me with my creative and personal issues! You mean the world to me!! I'm so thankful for everything! This is a good christmas present since I wasn't getting one!


Leanne said...

I was so excited to see that you won!!! I'm doing the happy dance for you!! You mean the world to me to! You can use this when you make the road trip to come see me hee hee!!! Wuv u!! Leanne

Sonya said...

Whooohoo, so glad you won, Debbie! When i first saw your title, I thought you meant a Mini--like the car! :) Now THAT would have been a prize! I'm so very, very happy for you--enjoy my fellow Hoosier crafter!

Jessica said...

That is so awesome. Congratulations Hun!!!