Friday, March 16, 2012

New Scrap Space

As you all know if you follow my blog I moved back to Indiana from Florida (I know WHY OH WHY!) but I did gain a larger scrap room. Although my little florida scraproom was a beautiful shade a pink and I had a great window to look out at the pool!

Now I don't have the walls painted here but I do have a Large window to look out of. I'm not looking at a beautiful pool but what can I say.

Here is some pics of my space so far. I have two small closets on both sides of my door that I did take a pic of but won't put on here yet because its not organized enough yet. I have to reorganize my space a bit still but everything is in its place for now.

I love to look at everyones space so hope you enjoy the pics!


should have turned this lamp off so I could have lightened the photos!


Shelly said...

It's beautiful! Enjoy your new space!

Creative Diva said...

Love your new space! Everything is so organized.


Leanne said...

Ok.....I'm going to move in with you k? LOVE your craft room come redo mine PLEASE!!! Hugs, Leanne

Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy looking at what others have. I'm envious!!

missstamper said...

Great room! It's almost like a eye spy puzzle... how many Cricuts do you see? LOL!

Divinity said...

so clean and organized! maybe one day my crafting corner will be able to look like that too! :p