Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blog Planners

Well I am busy working away on the blog to a lucky winner that will be drawn next week and two others for special friends. I plan to make a video but today when i went to turn on my camera the battery was low. So I halted production till I can get it charged. I did start a few elements of the one but most of it will be filmed. I do plan to have them professionally bound since my binding skills are just terrible!!!

I checked on printing the 52 pages of the blog weekly sheets at office max and it was going to cost me almost $26! So I will be printing them on the laser printer at work until it kills over. Otherwise the pages will be black and white next round. As long as the ink holds up on this printer my friends will get colored pages! Its not really that much color when its all said and done just a hint around the edges.

My problem was selecting the right paper for the books. I was printing them on my imagine and then it said low ink and I put a new cartridge in and NOW IT WILL NOT WORK!!! Says "Missing Ink Cartridges" I have tried to restore it etc. and it only gets to one spot and then the message appears again. I think its gone by by. I'm very sad. I have had it over a year with the same ink in it and people I have been using it and I have printed alot. I thought I might have been in the land of willy wonka with everlasting ink!

All good things must come to an end. Stay tuned for my blog books and video. I think I may do another giveaway too! NO...I'm not giving away another blog book! These babies will probably cost me $12 a piece to mail!

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Roberta: Mother of 3 said...

Oh No! I can't beleive it won't work with new ink in it!!! Is that a common problem? I wonder if you can get the company to replace it or give you tech support over the phone? I would love to win a blog planner, and I entered your giveaway! Thank for your blog posts! Roberta