Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tuesday Morning 7 Gypsies Stamp Review

I went one day on lunch to the Tuesday Morning store close to my office. They have ALOT of scrapbooking stuff...Tim Holtz 12 x 12 paper stacks for $4.99, 7 gypsies 6x6 pad I saw for $1.99 so when I saw this HUGE set of clear stamps regular price $19.99 for $7.99 I nabbed it. I used some recently on a blog planner book for my winner (pictures to be added later after she receives it) and it turned out super cute. I love all the sayings on this stamp set! Its fun to take several of them and do kind of a word art type thing which is what I did on the planner.

Now for the bad....I didn't use to know the difference between a good quality stamp and a bad one since I really didn't buy stamps very much. Now that i have been purchasing peachykeen and My Creative Time for me and the quality is AMAZING... now when I happen to use a stamp set that isn't, then I really notice it. Some of them aren't really cut well so you have to use your scissors on them but the worst part is they are like silicone...stretchy and when you try to pull off the clear sheet they can get alittle out of whack.

So in conclusion I am glad I purchased them at such a great price because you can't be too disappointed when you spend so much less. Now if I would have paid the full price I would have been very irritated. Its a shame that a company with this reputation wouldn't make sure to have a quality stamp produced. I would have paid over the $19.99 if it was good quality for a stamp set this size i would have been willing to pay $30 for it. As I am sure any crafter would if they really wanted something. Here is a pic of the set. Like I said great sayings on this set and still happy to have it. Just giving my opinion.

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