Sunday, May 13, 2012

WINNER WINNER its a steak dinner!!

HA HA you thought I was gonna say Chicken Dinner! Well it breaks my heart to disappoint any of you and i wish my little hands could make 41 of these babies so that each and everyone of you gets one of these but I just can't do it. I don't have little elves stuck away in the closet to help me and for some reason my furbabies are very UNPRODUCTIVE!

They look quite cute on my desk and laying in my chair but they haven't master the glue gun, cricut or anything that is of any help to me!

Ok I have selected a winner and it is.....drum roll here if you had sound turned not really but it drumming in my head....

JESSICA!!!! Here is what Jessica said....

So jessica I have emailed you and I will be feverishy working on this planner. It is alot of work I have to say but the results are quite nice.

Hugs to all my peeps! Happy Mothers Day to you all. Today is my anniversary also so I am having a special dinner with my man!! 


Jessica said...

Congrats sweet Blend!!!!
Jessica S

Creative M said...

Congrats Jessica!!!

jessica said...

Thanks so much Deb!!! I got your email and will respond to you ASAP!! Happy Mother's Day and thanks again!!!