Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blog Planner for Miss Emma

Well as you all probably know I do a guest spot on Creative Time for Me each month and a tip of the day. I had made a blog planner for a great friend Jessica (Chick-n-scrap) and I had said i was going to make Miss Emma one also. Well I did do just that and had a cute one done in one of her favorite colors...Red...doody it up real good with some cute little coffee cups from her stamp set and was really all ready to go and then the dreaded binding needed to be done. I put my big girl pants on (ok ok I had them on cause I already have BIG girl pants on) and decided I had this Bind it All and by goodness I needed to learn to use it. Well there was ALOT of bad words and fit throwing going on in the old Bugjuiced craft room at that time because I messed it UP!!!!

SO I had to remake one. And let me tell you it is not a simple task. It is alot of work and so I went on to make another. Maybe not as much stuff on it but felt is was cute. Now I can share the pics with you since she has received it today!!



jessica said...

This turned out awesome!!!! Love the hello kitty and the beautiful colors!!! I know Emma will love this!!! I use mine everyday :)

Annette said...

love me some hello Kitty...this is adorable..

Kim H said...

Debbie ~ this is ADORABLE and AWESOME! How sad the first one didn't turn out but this one sure did! She LOVES Hello Kitty too! What a FABULOUS idea too! Oh your post just cracked me up! So nice to know that crafting disasters and the fits & language issues just DON'T just happen in my house! ROFLOL!!!! Awesome and Sweet planner!