Thursday, September 20, 2012

Timeless Twine More Halloween Treats

Debbie Here with a TIMELESS TWINE project to share with you!!

You will seriously get sick of seeing my projects because I love Halloween and since we are (I know still a bit) weeks away I plan to do ALOT of halloween projects. But can you ever make too many halloween projects....I think not as I cackle like a witch in my little scraproom!

I have been DYING and I mean pee my pants excited about making a Tube holder for treats! I went to Michaels and they just happen to have Martha Stewart items for 25% off and test tubes were in!! I don't know why but I am somewhat nuts over any project I see made with them. I am weird I know...I love packaging and so maybe it goes along with that. If I see a product I see the packaging first and if its really cute I may buy it just because of that. It may be the crappiest product I have ever bought but I am driving to the packaging. So I would say packaging is important packaging peeps....because there are package freaks like me around!! ha ha

Ok seriously....ok who am I fooollling I never am serious. Except when I may tell my daughter that I don't like the guy she is dating....then I am serious as a frog eyeballing a fly. She says I am too critical...I say I just have a keen sense of detecting losers.

Now enough of that nonsense....Here is my Test tube holder. I didn't quite find the one I wanted to use but hey people out there that make SVG files.....there is a lack of these out there so maybe someone will hear my cry for more files!!

I used Purple Passion Timeless Twine to tie around the test tubes. Pumpkin orange for the bow. And then on the frankies face I made his stitches with Black Coffee Twine. Now head on over to Bellacreationz to grab you some twine or other goodies in the store!

Thanks for stopping by!!


jessica said...

EEEEKKK! This is awesome Deb!!! I mean totally awesome! Love love love those test tubes and the fun frankie on the front. All the twine is the perfect touch!
WOW girl I love this....did I say that yet?? LOL!!
TFS and have a GREAT day!!

Kim H said...

Debbie ~ Well I LOVE your test tube holder! I think the details are simply AMAZING! LOVE his ears, how you hung ALL your signs or tags( so not technical here) and OMG ~ the stitches ~ CLEVER, CLEVER CLEVER!!! I must confess i LOVE test tubes too, Halloween and I LOVE your shout out for more of these! But best of all the comment about your daughter!!! That is what makes a FABULOUS and LOVING Mom ~ TRUTH! LOL! Well I can't wait to see more of your Halloween projects ~ I will NOT get sick of seeing them ~ pinky swear!

Annette said...

this is so fabulous...such a fun design and those tubes are just way too fun...great it

Rosie said...

way to cute, love it

My Crafting Channel said...

Jumps right off the cute scale.

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Creative M said...

Supe Duper Cute!Spooky and Yummy Too!!

Leanne said...

This is super duper beyond AWESOME!!! I LOVE it and I like Kim will pinky swear that I will never get tired of seeing anything you make!! You so rock!!! Love ya! Leanne