Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Monster toilet

Hey Hey Hey!!! My bathroom is possessed and I knew it was but this time I caught the monster and was able to get this pic of him!!!

and those hands were really coming up out of the do believe me right? 

I made my toilet peeper on my cameo and it cut like butter believe you me I am LOVING this
machine!! My cricut is super jealous but I decided I may break up with it but I am still leaving it hanging until I make my final decision. 

Loving this Square 1 product. It is so easily re-adjusted if you don't get it placed right and I used NO TRANSFER TAPE!!

I decided to make my monster green instead of black like you usually see it because I am just a different bird. I fly crooked instead of straight! :) HEE HEE (ok its probably cause I am having old syndrome eyes...but lets just go with the story I told) 

On the inside of this toilet I added the words "BOO YAH!) so when you open it you see it. SO BOO YAH!!!! If you were here to see me say this I got my hands up getting ready to scare you. I may add another picture of myself soon as I transform from a zombie like being into my vamp self (true blood lovers holleeerrrr!!) I am having withdraws since the season is over. Ok enough of that I am going to show the pic now of the lid. 

This is the product used for this project:


jessica said...

LOL!!! This toilet is awesome!!! I love the green monster and the funny!! What a fun fun way to decorate for the holiday!
Awesome job my friend!! TFS and have a GREAT hump day!!

Annette said...

hehe how fun...

Melissa L said...

LOL, So I wrote a post last week about toilet decorating... then this week here you are with a really cute version!
I shared your post on my blog today and added your button to my blog! I have been a follower for quite awhile :)
Thanks for sharing your cute idea!

Kim H said...

Debbie ~ OOMMGG! First there REALLY needs to be a warning on your post! ATTENTION ~ PEE before you read this or DON'T be drinking anything while reading ~ choking hazard! Well I LOVE this! I think this is so FLIPPING CUTE and CLEVER!! My son would LOVE this guy!!
Your post was hysterical!!! You have the BEST sense of humor EVER!!!

Wandy said...

LOL!!! OmG!!! This peeper is too stinkin' cute! Debbie I thought I saw it all, then I scrolled down and saw BOO YAH!! LOL! this is amazing! the person will use the potty with a big smile!! Gotta try that square1 stuff!
Hugs, Wandy ♥

Jen Mck said...

K I am new to this so where did you find the toilet peeper graphic and where can I find one I LOVE THIS!!! My house is the house to come and look at for all the decorations but my bathroom is sad because it doesn't get decorated I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do but where can I find the monster? You are a great writer and keep me interested all the time Thank You!

Leanne said...

Bahahaha I agree with Kim WARNING NOTICE should be posted! I bout pee'd my pants with her bahhaahaha! I LOVE your sense of humor and I'll fly crooked with you any day!!! Love this idea and love that you made him green (I mean wouldn't you be green too if that was where you were hiding bahahahaa)Hugs, Leanne

Michelle said...

OMG, I love the peeper, Now I have to get me a, camero. I have been trying to wait and see if Santa thinks I've been good. If he doesn't then the next best time for me is income tax (which I call my mothers day) lol.

Michelle said...

I'm not able to email you can you please email me I have a question regarding your peeper?