Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Timeless Twine Curlie Zombie Layout

Today I am sharing a cute little 8x8 layout I did for Timeless Twine. I originally planned to put my Zombie (Zombalina) on a 3D object but the box I cut ended up not being big enough and I had spent so much time working on the project I was tired!!! So I decided to do a layout.

This zombie girl is from a Treasurebox Designs. Its called "Me and My Ghoulfriend" and I just chose to do the girl. I just left it the same size as what it came into my program.

I took "Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive" and squirted some in a bowl and added water. I mixed it up real good and then put my twine in the bowl to soak for a minute. I used a metal Skewer to wrap the twine around (I think you could find them at Bed Bath and Beyond) and then layed it aside to dry.

Once it was dry I carefully pulled it off the skewer...skewer I just like to say that word!

I cut it into several different pieces and attached it to the back of my top piece. I think it turned out pretty cute and I don't usually say that!

I used Timeless Twine Purple Passion Twine!! Grab you some!!!


Rosie said...

soo cool

Annette said...

so totally this technique and I must try...thanks for sharing..

Annette said...

Great layout! Thanks for the tip with the twine:)

My Mind's Dust Bunnies

Kim H said...

Debbie ~ Shut the front door!! I LOVE, LOVE your layout! First and foremost who is that ADORABLE little witch?? Is that your daughter?? What a CUTIE!!!

Okay the cuts you used I just ADORE! Seriously ADORE!! I LOVE that pumpkind teeth some are square and some are rounded ~ too CUTE!! Oh you used one of my FAVORITE MS punches too! Well that twine hair ~ OMG!! Really?? I have to STEAL this idea! I LOVE that idea beyond words! Eeek!!! Well Miss Debbie you did an AMAZING job on you LO!!! I can't wait to see more and sometime see this box you made too!

Sherry said...

OMG.....I just love that crazy hair.

Wandy said...

Omg! Super cute! Girl that hair is too cute! Did u take a peek at me in the morning for inspiration?!!!! J/k
love your project hun!
big O'l hugs, Wandy ♥

Leanne said...

This is super adorable my friend!! Love the hair, it just made this cut even more super duper adorable!! I LOVE everything you do! Your my hero :) Hugs, Leanne

Got2BCrafting said...

Absolutely, positively, LOVE LOVE LOVE how you made that twine hair... so cute and creative!! :) I must try that technique sometime, it's really cool.