Thursday, November 29, 2012

Your the Ying to My Yang

Today I am posting a project for the Square 1 Christmas party. We are to show you ways to use square 1 to help make holiday gifts.

I started with a beautiful cocoa brown and black canvas from Momenta. I used a standard stock image in my Sure Cuts Alot Program and used the blue and Cream/tan from the new Holiday Bundles. WOW I love this blue alot!! The great thing about this material is just that it is a fabric. I pulled it off several times to get it positioned right and placed it without transfer tape!!

I added some Momenta bling to the image and the word "love" just to give it alittle something something!!

Now I can give this as a gift to someone special!

Also here is just a fun decoration you can make with the product to make things fun for visiting family and friends for the holidays!! The toilet peeper I did at Halloween hit so I decided to do something different for the holidays! I made a cute little Rudolph the Reindeer toilet peeper!! I did start out with half circles cut on my machine but I didn't like that it was just too round on the bottom so I just took the scissors and removed each layer and just hand cut to make it more like a deer shaped face and it I think turned out super cute. I cut the ears and antlers out of paper on my machine and just taped them to the top of the toilet! I am not a weird-o  toilet lover I just want to make the regular things that you have to see all the time have a perked up look for the holidays!! 


jessica said...

LOL!!! I LOVE your reindeer peeker!!! what a cute holiday decoration and super creative!!!

Kim H said...

Debbie ~ Oh look at that card! AMAZING ~ it looks like worn leather!! Alright ~ that reindeer is WAY, WAY, WAY too CUTE!!! I just can't even imagine what people do when they go into the bathroom at your house!!! Seriously Debbie ~ I LOVE them both!!

Tracy Martin said...

Love the reindeer!