Monday, December 10, 2012

Spruce Up that old fan!!

Today I am so excited to be showing you that I used Square 1 Printable Fabric to spruce up my cheap old ceiling fan in my craft room. It took me 8 sheets to do it because of the sheet size was not quite big enough and had to used 2 sheets per blade to piece it together. The beauty of it is it was like seaming wallpaper and now my pattern is not perfectly matched but I tried to utilize as much of my material as possible otherwise to be exact i probably would have had to use 3 sheets per blade and that would just be silly! The pattern I chose was really easy to blend it at the seam and you can not even tell!

I downloaded some digital papers on to use for this fan. Now I love the beach, I love tropical things so I wanted something "beachy" and I have a chair in my craft room that was my inspiration. It was upholstered in fabric that is called "cabana village" so I played off that fabric for my selection of digital papers. I will show a pic of the chair too.

I wanted to mix it up so chose to do alternate patterns on the blades. I think that makes it fun. It printed so nice! I was planning on using my imagine and doing a paisley because I LOVE PAISLEY but my imagine pattern cart I chose wasn't going to work because it wasn't letting me select the 8.5 x 11 paper size! UGGGGHHH. It only seems to want to do 12 x 12 unless I was just too stupid to figure it out.

Now watch it I know what you are nice though ok. My sweet hubby had already taken down the fan blades while I was at work and washed them and got them ready for me to work on when i got home. He is such the keeper....did I tell you all he made me fudge the other day! YES he knows the key to this fat ladies heart. F-U-D-G-E...sing it like the village people sings YMCA its quite catchy!

Ok on to the crafty part. The great thing about Square 1 is that if you don't get it on right the first time just pull it off (effortlessly) and try it again and again!! I love that. And we are renting because we relocated from Florida (and ps I am heading back soon)....cause did I tell  you it is cold up here in the north and my old body has decided it is not liking it anymore! So I can remove easily all the goodies I have made for the house with this product!

Here is my inspiration craft room chair: 

Here is close ups of my digital papers:

Product used: 

Time to complete: 1 hour 45 minutes (not included removing blades and reattaching)

Now take the time to visit Square 1 Masterpiece and get you some awesome products to play with. They have iron on fabric, printable fabric and the colored sheets again that are "like" a vinyl product but so much better as they are SAFE and removable/repositionable!!

Here are the link to view products:


jessica said...

WOW!!! How cool is this???
LOVE the patterns you looks awesome with the chair and now your fan looks brand new! Such a GREAT makeover project Deb...LOVE it!!
TFS and hope you have a GREAT Monday!

Annette said...

yeah just like Jessica said..that is patterns..

Kim H said...

Debbie ~ SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! First of all I LOVE your chair!!! Eek!! How fun is that chair and how fun are you!! This is SERIOUSLY so stinking CUTE and CLEVER!!! OMG!! I LOVE it!! I bet your room is not only filled with talent and creativity but so FUN!!! I want to move in!! As for the hubs ~ he does sound like a keeper!!! What a GREAT guy you have!! Oh Debbie ~ your posts are just so funy!!!