Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Craft Room

I thought I would share some photos of my craft room. I just cleaned it up and you can see I forgot to take the windex off the desk!!

I had some items on my black cabinet by the TV that I normally wouldn't have there either but its a stash of items I have to mail out so I didn't bother putting them away. I love this room but seems I won't have this one long since we will be moving soon AGAIN! I am hoping at least maybe this one will be a permanent one. We plan to go back and forth to Florida since we are retired and we don't like cold weather so we plan to find a smaller place here and also one there. Lord knows I HATE moving but I still wish we never moved back here but my family is all here and my father is still not doing so well.

My only daughter is here so it makes it tough when I am 1000 miles away from her. Man you just can't have it both ways can you. Well you can and I did but it means a lot of traveling which I did a lot of but I don't want to be 1000 miles away when something happens to my father. Please say a prayer for him. He has suffered two heart attacks and small strokes and a triple bypass and he just got out of the hospital again after being rushed by ambulance. I need to be where I can take care of him.

Ok so here is my little place where I try to destress! I have two closets in this room as well I know I didn't get it in the picture!


Here is Max he is ALWAYS hogging the computer!!

He is ignoring me cause I am telling him its my turn!

Mr Owl is waiting on the TV to be turned on. Chillaxin in the cabana chair

I am going to buy a lot of Ikea stuff when I get my next room. Expedit furniture for maximum storage. The rolling aqua cart I blogged about before. All my cricut stuff is in the closets. Here is a quick pic of those! Well I do have some carts on one of my embellishment centers also. The rest are in the closet. All three machines boxed up because for one I wasn't using them, another MOVING! :(
Beach bags and then containers on the floor with finished projects. There is no shelves in this closet so everything just gets stacked. 

Here is my new sewing machine never taken out of the box (I have had it for 1.5 years) I am skeered of it! Cricut imagine, expression and mini. The E2 was sold. My cinch and a few other goodies!


Happy Scrapper said...

Wonderful crafting space!!! I love the little helper sitting in the chair:)

June Houck said...

A wonderful room, Debbie! And get out that sewing machine :)

Tara Bruening said...

Super nice room. Looks bright and large. I love the l shaped desk.

Thank you so much for joining us at Craftin Desert Divas “Show Me Your Craft Space “ Linky Party.

Craftin Desert Diva's

Lisa said...

What a gorgeous space, Debbie!! I love how open it is!! Your little craft helper is absolutely adorable!! Thanks so much for joining us at Craftin Desert Divas!! Have a great evening :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Annette said...

how fun is your craft room... so very clean too... love the dog claiming his chair..

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Super space! Hope your Dad is doing better! Thanks for joining us over at Craftin Desert Divas Link Party, Guest Designer Carri~Abusybee

Robin Carroll said...

very nice crafty space!!! I think that Max is ready to dive into papercrafting! Thank you for linking up with us for Tara's linky party at Craftin Desert Diva's. We hope that you will join us again for future linky parties!

Cut One Designs by Robin

Lori Comeau said...

Awesome space. love how nice and bright your room is and how you have everything so nice and organized.


Donna K said...

Love your bright and cheery space! I have a 4 legged buddy who loves my space as well... too cute!! Thanks for sharing your creative room with us!
~Donna K

Regina Easter said...

awe debbie, i love your space.....so bright......and you look totally organized...hugs

Jessica Wilson said...

Debbie, you crack me UP! You are "skeered" to take the sewing machine out! I LITERALLY spewed my coffee ALL OVER MY desk reading that!!!

Your room is awesome! I love how you have it all set up! I also and trying to redo my crafty space! IKEA has a TON of things that I want to get to make it a little more organized!!!

Thanks for a great laugh to start my day!

And thanks for joining us over at Craftin Desert Divas Link Party!

Crafty Hugs,

Missy said...

Super craft space, your blog description cracked me up, I'm a paper hoarder, too!!

Kim H said...

Debbie ~ OMG! Can you come over to my house and organize my space?? I LOVE your space!! Look at all those goodies you have and of course Max! He is so CUTE! I am sure you will have a GREAT space wherever you end up! I am so far behind on commenting so I will stock a few more posts ~ just so we don't have to call the blog police on me! LOL! Hope all is well with you!