Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Treats & Mindless Rambling

Welp it is almost that time of the year. WOWSER where did this year go and where was I when it happened! I feel like we just celebrated 2013 and its almost time to roll that over again. I am not liking how fast time is going by. I have been noticing lately a few wrinkles on my face and I am pretty darn worried about that to say the least.

I never worried about that because I have always looked younger (per everyone...or was they just jerking my chain?) and so therefore didn't think about it too much. When I turned 50 I was severely depressed. I could hardly utter the words and hated when there was a reason I had to put that on a form or say it out loud. So now that number has notched up another year (I WILL NOT SAY IT) I am noticing more changes than I care to admit.

Seems it happens over night. I always said I wouldn't be one of those people who had plastic surgery. Well I think I judged that too quickly! ha ha. My eyelids are fat and cover my whole lid area (hereditary they tell me...Thank you mother!) and insurance will pay to fix it but it has to be covering more than half of your eye and your using a stick to feel your way around I guess to cover it. So I guess until I look like a basset hound or have to use clothes pins to hold these puppies up I am S-O-L.

By then I will have a list of things I want "fixed". Maybe I should get started on a kickstarter campaign for that huh?

Ok now sorry to have mindless rambling but who else am I gonna talk to. I just thought I would share some random, menial things with you about my life.

So now on to the crafty business here....

I used alot of items from BellaCreationz to make some little gifts. Just to show you a few things you can get to make just a little thank you or a stocking stuffer etc. I used mainly the Christmas colors of twine but you will see one of them I used pumpkin orange and aqua!

The Christmas papers had alot of those brighter colors in it and it went perfect with the paper. Here are my projects and I will reference all the supplies at the bottom of this post.  Thanks for stopping by!

(I made this little treat holder in my silhouette program. If anyone would like
a copy of it I am happy to share just drop me a line!)


~amy~ said...

Such awesome projects Deb!

I've always said that getting old stinks..but we gotta embrace it!

Annette Allen said...

awesome post Debbie.. you are so creative and have fun ideas... love it all

quilt4fun2 said...

Great projects. I love the fluffy bow and the bells. Your treat holder is so cute. I like the aqua and pumpkin together and the snowflake tag is great.
quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

Kim H said...

Debbie ~ ROFLMAO! Maybe we could go for a 2 for 1 deal??? I need a lot done but we can discuss it later!!! Any hoo your project are simply FABULOUS!!! I love them all and love the untraditional colors too! always so inspiring to stop on over here for so many reason!

Rose said...

awesome projects and i love the candy box :)

girl i am 4 years past the big 5 0 and have stopped counting wrinkles and such! lol