Friday, January 31, 2014

DIY Personalized Coasters

Now that time has past I can share my tutorial on my personal blog I did for Jessica Sprague's Creative Team December project for Its a simple DIY project that is very inexpensive and can make a great gift so on to the tutorial!

For this project it is very simple and under a few dollars. You need only a few items, most of the work is done on the computer. I used an older version of Adobe Photo Elements but it still gets the job done.

First you will open your program, open the photo and also the photo mask that you would like to use. I used several and I will reference them at the bottom of the post with my supplies.

Following a class I took of Jessica Sprague's I learned how to create a photo mask in just a few easy steps! You won't believe how easy it is.

After i completed all the various shapes of masks I wanted to create I printed them on photo paper and prepared to adhere them to my tiles. Below you will see I used Rangers Glue-n-seal to adhere and cover the photos. 

I put a layer of the Glue-n-seal (You can use ModgePodge also) on the top of the tile first and then placed my photo in the center and pressed down. Then i covered it with another layer of Glue-n-seal and let it dry. I did several coats letting it dry in between each one. I actually ended up covering it with Modgepodge at the end to give it a more glossy look because my Glue-n-seal is matte finish and after it was done I thought it would look better a bit glossy.

I put some felt circles on the bottom of the tile since it is very rough and I didn't want it to scratch the table tops. These can be purchased really inexpensively. 

I did a few with pattern paper from Designs by Dani "Falala" I love this cute whimsical paper! I just cut the paper into 3.5" x 3.5" squares. I made a set of the photo coasters and a set with the pattern Christmas papers. 

Add wired edge ribbon so that you can manipulate the bow to make it just right! 

Products used:
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Foam brush
4x4 ceramic tiles 
Glue-n-seal or Modgepodge
Felt adhesive circle


Annette Allen said...

what that is awesome.. i love this idea.. so creative..

Danielle Clark said...

OMG I have to try this!!!! I think I'll keep it in mind for next Christmas. It makes a great gift!!

Kim H said...

Debbie ~ OOMMGG! I LOVE these!!! How fun would these be for gifts for bdays and Christmas!!! Thanks for sharing! I do LOVE the pictures one the best ~ just that personal touch ~ <3!!!