Monday, February 24, 2014

Create Inspiration Party DIY Life planner

Create Inspiration Party: DIY Life planner

Welcome to the Create Inspiration Team's February Party!

Spring is the theme and we could use some spring weather anytime soon! I am so over the winter and snow. I can't wait to get the short and flippy flops on! I decided this month i wanted to do a planner but I also wanted it to be a mixed media style planner. So lets gets started on the steps.

First step was to print off the various papers I wanted to use and the Lori Whitlock lifeplanner pages.
You can get yours at

Now take your foam brush and spread the Glue-N-Seal on the chipboard and adhere down your cover paper.I did this to all sides of the chipboard.Let that dry for a while (I put mine under some heavy books to keep it flat).I placed the strip that has my year on the page where I wanted to place that and I figured out where my flowers were going and using the glue-n-seal again put some on the paper and I laid the pieces in place and put another layer of the glue-n-seal over it all.

Next was the scary part for me. I am very OCD and maybe too weird for trying to be so free formed and organic so to speak so this project over all was out of my comfort zone. But I love seeing everyones mixed media and art journals and I love the way everything is not perfect and just freely placed, written etc. So I challenged myself to do this project. So therefore the quote was started....and I did mess it up in placement because I got so anxious but then I thought this must be the way it should happen. Don't push yourself to be perfect or rigid in your life. I am not saying I am perfect by any means, I just mean I have a thing...about things being symmetrical,etc. That is why I struggle with layouts. Mind you this is my first time so I know it is not great but I am happy with the results as a first try at it.

So after the quote was placed on the cover where I wanted it I added some squiggle lines underneath the words, flowers etc. (I didn't want this perfect so guess what....I accomplished that!! YEAH for me...I think I will have another diet mountain dew!) Do more doodling...yeah go for it...let yourself be free!

Since you used the glue-n-seal using the Faber Castell marker gives you some time to smear it after putting it around the flowers etc. to make it "shaded" before it dries. So I used a dark brown and then also a Gray.

SO...smearing the faber castell ink around those flowers, my quote etc. did make me feel a bit panicked that I was going to mess it up but it also made me feel a bit more liberated!!! YES I can be messy.....It doesn't have to be perfect.....

Now...You will want to punch the holes for your binding. I used a cinch because that is what I have. There are various colors of binding wires you can buy to accent your book.

I love planners and I "plan"(yes I wrote that down IN my planner hee hee) to make another. I plan to add a few more pages for various other things I would "plan" for. Did you know that there are groups on facebook of just people who love to use planners and have several for various reasons. They decorate them and show off how they use them. Its a whole big thing. I am thinking I am going to join in on this new love of planners. Being the kind of person I am I think I could easily be obsessed and fit in! <3

Products used:
Echo Park Head over Heels Paper Pack #2
Echo Park Victorian Gardens paper pack
Lori Whitlock's Life Planner
Echo Park Everyday Eclectic Paper Pack #1 
Echo Park Everyday Eclectic Paper Pack #2

Supplies needed:
Printed digital papers
Chipboard (2- 8.5 x 11 you can make larger if you want but I wanted mine same as planner sheets)
Foam brush
Ranger Glue-N-Seal or similar
Faber Castell Big Brush Marker or similar
Micron markers
Various colored markers (optional)
I used my cameo for flower cuts this is optional
Cinch or binding system (you also take to your local office supply to have binded)

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We hope you enjoyed our February party. If you missed January's fun check out our projects HERE.See you next month for more fun and inspiring projects!


Julie Walker said...

I love reading about all these tools I DON'T have! How fun!!! Great job.

PS. I love your new name and "look"!

Tammy said...

Your planner is awesome! I love the pockets on the inside ... really handy!

Leanne Garner said...

Oh Debbie!!! I just saw this on facebook (my internet has been down ACK!!!!) and had to come see how you made it! This is truly just awesome girlfriend!!! I sooooo love it and want one!!! You are so talented NEVER underestimate yourself because girlfriend you are AWESOME!!! Love ya! Leanne

jessica said...

Such an INCREDIBLE project Deb!!! WOW I LOVE the mix media elements and this fun overall project! You totally ROCKED this!!!

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

Beautiful Debbie! love your blog redo too!

Lissa Marie said...

Super cute! I am a notebook maker like crazy but never went all out with the planner, I just buy a calendar and decorate the covers, lol.

Timeless Twine said...

You totally rocked this even though it is out of your comfort zone! Now I need to make one! Let's see if my OCD will let me be messy on a project, LOL!

Candice Meyer said...

This turned out so cute, Debbie! Loved that you stepped out of your comfort zone and explored something new!

Kim H said...

Debbie ~ Oh my word I just LOVE this and LOVE how it turned out! Okay where do I begin ` the glue part ~ I think I have that glue and NEVER used it! Then the papers and files ~ LOVE!! Oh then your doodling ~ FABUOUS ~ IMO! Oh wait then there is this Cinch thing ~ yep have that ~ NEVER even took that out of the box.. but wait for it the perfect & rigid part ! BUSTED out laughing! Yep ~ that's me ~ not OCD but rigid! Oh you write the BEST posts! But to say it all I LVOE this project and it turned out AMAZING!!!!