Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Felt Camera bag

I am on the Timeless Twine blog today and I wanted to show a project that wasn't paper. Twine can be utilized for many other things!

I am venturing into sewing and wanted to make a cute little camera bag out of felt and using Simply White twine. My stitches really need some work. Its very hard to go through multiple layers of felt and I didn't really have the proper needle I don't think. I stabbed myself about 3-4 times trying to push the needle through the fabric and so I think my concentration took a beating!

The felling stitch I need to work on because they are SUPPOSE to be the same size and of course try to keep the distance from each other consistent but again first time here so everything is a learning process.

The blanket stitch I seem to be a lot better at. The only thing I need to work on is the tying it off properly at the end of the row. But I have to tell you its a lot of fun, its something you can do while sitting with your family and watching tv so I was happy to have a new hobby.

I have seen so many cute felt projects and want to make some of the paper clip ones for marking in my planner but those are pretty little so I am sticking to the bigger things for now.

I seen something like this on pinterest of course and so I proceeded to make a pattern for myself. I have plenty of room in the bag for a few other little things as my digital camera is pretty small so you can adjust the size accordingly. I for one wanted a bit more room anyhow. I added a ribbon wrist strap on it as well. Actually I am not sure it is large enough to go over a wrist but I really just wanted a loop to hold on too. You can adjust the length of this as well. The simply white twine just gave a nice pop against the bright colors of felt I used.

I purchased just felt squares 9 x 12 at Joann's for this project. I think sometimes imperfection makes something more perfect!

Simply White from Timeless Twine/Bella Creationz

Here is another project I used Simply White twine on below. Just throwing it on here for more inspiration for you all!


DIANA L. said...

Adorable project Have a great day

quilt4fun2 said...

Your camera/bag is so cute and clever! A thimble would make pushing through layers easier and more safe. Try to get used to using one. The pincushion is adorable. Great job!
quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

jessica said...

Super ADORABLE projects Deb!!
You did a great job with your adorable camera bag!

Timeless Twine said...

These are oober cute Deb.! Cameras are one of favorite things in life, but that lil' octopus pin cushion is to die for!

Kim H said...

Debbie ~ oh the camera is ADORABLE but that little octopus is to PRECIOUS! You go girl ~ you are ROCKIN sewing! Next you will be doing curtains, covers, and who knows what else!!!