Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Penny the Hedgehog

As many of you know who are facebook friends of mine I am starting to sew....I don't mean just hand sew I mean sew like a big girl....with a machine and everything! This was truly something I never dreamed I of all people would want to do. It all started when I thought a sewing machine would be nice to have to sew on my paper projects. I had always seen other people stitch around their cards and loved the look of it.

So one year for Christmas my mother gave me a brand new sewing machine of my own. Months went by and then years...2 to be exact before I even unboxed it. I was very intimidated and just figured it would be one of the things I wanted to try but one I would fail at.

I took it out of the box one day and just decided it was the day to conquer my fears of this machine. I actually followed the instructions (this is a rare thing for me...I usually just jump in and try to figure it out) It was very simple to say the least! I was pleasantly surprised. There was absolutely no cussing going on in my craft room!!

My first use of the machine was on paper. Then spending time on pinterest as I always do spark another side of sewing I didn't think I would ever venture into. I really wanted to make a cute little scrap bag for my desk for when I am paper piecing and working on things. So I started looking into that and caught some weird bug in the process!

Then it was felt projects I started seeing alot of and loved them. I have one coming up for Timeless Twine that I didn't use a machine but I handstitched and am trying to also learn to do those stitches better. I made a pattern for what I wanted to make on my own! So stay tuned for that on the 26th.

So anywhooo while getting into pinning I came across this adorable hedgehog that was a pin cushion and decided I had to have it. Pattern arrived on Monday and Penny the Hedgehog was born!

Felt and fleece is a difficult thing for me to get used to sewing because it moves at times. The pieces on the hedgehog were kinda small for a beginner like myself and going around the curves but all in all its not bad for a newbie and I will accept the flaws and learn from them. I also made a puppy coat for a friend that I am also sharing in this post.

I purchased the the pattern for the hedgehog here at SHABBY FABRICS.


~amy~ said...

Deb, you're rocking that sewing machine...cutest hedgie ever!

Timeless Twine said...

OMG...tooo cute!

Kim H said...

Oh you now I LOVE that hedge hog right! Well your model Max is way too CUTE too! My MIL made Ryan pjs with that pattern when he was a baby!! OMG! AWESOME as always and again laughing so hard I almost peed my pants! Hey at least you opened the box after 2 years! If I had one it would still be there waiting! LOL!