Friday, June 27, 2014

Zombies return

If you follow me you will know i am a bit of a zombie fanatic. I even created a zombie stamp set once. So tonight i made a zombie planner clip. I plan to make multiple zombie clips, some with bodies but thought i would share this new crazy zombie girl. It will be in my etsy shop in a few days!


Timeless Twine said...

OMG....that is just to freakin cute!

Joan Smith said...

MWAHAAAA LOL Great creative job.
You have a fab sense of humor.

You just have to be the brightest spot in anyone's day....lucky them!
Lucky me that I got to open this up this morning....YOU ROCK!!

jessica said...

This is AWESOME Deb!!!! How super adorable (if a zombie can be..LOL) clip!!!
SUPER job!!

Kim H said...

Debbie ~ this is FLIPPING ADORABLE!! I LOVE the cra cra hair too! Always so fun to see what you are up too over here!

Annette Allen said...

this is so fun... i love it..

lilowldesigns said...

I just love these!! I think they are way cute! Love seeing your creations