Monday, September 15, 2014

Creative Blog Tour

Creative Blog Tour

I was nominated by my super sweet friend Wandy (Green apple scrapper) to participate in this Creative Blog Tour. I have to answer a few questions so you can get to know my crafty style and then also I will be nominating 3 of my crafty friends. So here goes!!

1.  What I am working on now?

Well honestly I started a etsy shop and I have gotten sucked into that! I didn't realize that "planner" people were so abundant and also just obsessed with planner supplies. Enter Craftin' Chaos and the planner clips.....they took off alot quicker than I expected and it has taken over my crafting space. Here are a few of my favorites!

I also design for Timeless Twine, Jessica Sprague, Carina Gardner and Cardz Tv so I am pretty busy right now. 

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well, I am not exactly sure how to answer this. Sometimes I think my humor is what makes me a bit different because I try to use it in my crafting. I like to also think outside of the box but don't we all try to do that? So I guess you will have to browse my blog to get the true meaning on this question!

3. Why do I create what I do?

Another tough question. I would like to say I do it for gifts or to send the cards to peeps but to be honest most of it is just a DT project and it sits in my craft room. Now if I have someone in mind for something I do try to send it to them. For example this project below was created for Jessica Sprague but I sent it to my team member Tammy because she was about to get a grand baby and I thought she would like it. So that made me extremely happy to be able to do that. I need to make an effort to always do that.

4. How does your creating process work?

This is by far the easiest question to answer! I am typically in the evening watching tv with my adorable hubs and I sit with a sketch pad by my side. I like to sketch ideas for specific projects or themes on my pad and then it helps when I go to create it. I also do the typical browsing of pinterest!

Now on to who I nominated!

First I want to nominate my bestie blogging buddy Brianna. We got to know each other from being teammates on Timeless Twine. She is super super sweet, very creative and has a similar style of crafting as me "Cutesy Crafters" is what I like to say our style is. She works hard and is a great mom and I just all around love her! Her blog "HAPPY SCRAPPER" 

Secondly, I would like to nominate my friend and fellow teammate Scrappin Madge from "The Scrappin Lounge".  She is one busy busy lady. She runs her own business, she is on several teams not to mention sells CTMH and Linnie Blooms products. Has a youtube channel and always is involved in hops and all while having a hubby and a family that she devotes herself to! 

And my Third and final nomination is Leanne from "Created by Leanne". She is my southern friend from Alabama. We have never met but years ago I wondered upon a cute frame she had made and just tracked her down. We started emailing and before you know it we were calling each other everyday. Life has definitely gotten in our way and we haven't talked near as much as we did. I need to change this. I always enjoy our talks. We talk about everything from crafting to just life. 

I hope you stop over and visit my friends listed above. They will hopefully be participating and sharing 3 special people in their lives next Monday Sept. 22. You won't regret it. You might get extra inspired! 

Thank you Wanda for thinking of me and nominating me. Big hugs to you!


jessica said...

These are all awesome projects Deb!!!
thanks for sharing alittle bit about yourself :)

Lisa Lara said...

Oh my golly they are sooooooooo cute.

Kim H said...

Debbie ~ You know how FABULOUS I think you are and how creative you are as well! Always fun to read about crafting friends!