Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ruff Day

I am trying really hard to get back into blogging. Seems the world of facebook and instagram have somewhat replaced the importance of blogging and I am wanting to change that for me. I like all crafters get busy and sharing on social media is just second nature so the blog gets neglected.

I use to enjoy sharing on my blog, trying to make a witty as I could post because I know for me if someone can make me laugh then I am bound to stick around and browse the blog, subscribe etc. because I myself enjoy laughing.

I will say that the ugly head of menopause has been lurking at my household for some time. My poor husband probably doesn't know if I am going to start spewing pea soup and talking in latin or be sweet to him. Generally it is the first one.

Its funny because I no sooner spew the ugliness then I realize what I have done and try hard to apologize but you know its already out there. I no longer have the hot flashes but crud I thought these pills would straighten out my attitude as well as my heat level

Maybe I need to become a hippie and grow some of the funny weed and live in harmony with myself.....hmmmm I think I would probably beef up a bit though because the munchies would be a hard fight for me being that I like to eat anyway.

Hubs reminded me I needed to make two birthday cards for family. Make a card you say? I mean make a card for a PURPOSE you say...what is this you speak of? Seems like a foreign language he was talking.

I mean craft for something you need....I am still rolling on the ground with that concept. So I put my thinking ears on...cause my cap was dirty because with the menopause and ugliness I didn't feel like doing the laundry too.

I bought this filmstrip die and yes at some point I will be over it but I love it right now so I made another card with it. They just got a puppy and I thought the dog theme would be cute. So here goes peeps another card in a few days time WHOOP WHOOP!!!

I did the printing on the inside before I picked my colors so I wish I would have done a different color on the words but it is what it is and that is what it is and will be....

Thanks for stopping by!!


Annette Allen said...

aww your card is adorable.. love those dogs.. menopause not fun.. hang in there..

Kim H said...

Debbie ~ Oh I am sending you the BIGGEST hug EVER! Hope you felt that! Well I have not hit meno CRAP yet but look out when I do! I LOVED your post and you know where I am if you need anything!
You card ADORABLE!!! I LOVE e puppies and just the whole card! Perfect doodling too! Whomever gets this card will LOVE it!

pam said...

where did you find that sweet pup? great card, especially for a guy.

Creative M said...

This is just way TOO cute!!
Have a wonderful day,
*Crafting With Creative M*

Jen said...

What is the name of the die you used for the puppy? Please share. I love him!
I also understand your Heat Issues. I am going through them myself. UGH!
Good Luck!