Thursday, October 23, 2014

Exciting News!! Mrs. Brimbles review

You all probably know that I have become a bit planner obsessed and that I make planner clips and sell in my etsy shop. If you are a PLANNERD you know who Mrs. Brimbles is and I just am over excited because she has done a video reviewing my clips as well as a blog post and giveaway is on her blog. Stop by and check out the blog post. Mrs. Brimbles Review I will add the video below. Please stop by if you get a chance!!


Kim H said...

Oh Debbie ~ how wonderful! Watching her open the goodies you sent her... your clips and flair are Amazing ~ you know it right?? Her reaction was priceless!!!

Annette Allen said...

that is cool Debbie.. she really was excited.. thanks for sharing.. you ROCK..

LINDA said...

Very cute use of the words to form the tree. Would love a chance to win.