Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Planner Tassel Tutorial

Today I am on Timeless Twine for Technique Tuesday. I decided I would make a planner tassel and show you how. I used Watermelon Sorbet twine. I know a video would have been better but today has been super busy so hopefully you will understand my tutorial

First I started out with 3 strands of twine and tied a knot at the end and braided it. 

I used a 6x6 paper pad to wrap the twine around. You can use a paper pad, scrap chipboard, cd case or even a video case just as long as it will make your tassel the length you want. 
Wrap the twine around quite a bit to get a full tassel. 

Pull it off the paper pad carefully

Tie some twine in the center, make sure to tie it once and then tie it again in a knot.

Then I tie my braid around it. I have done this another way before also by just sticking it through the top after I am done with the tassel which works well too. This is just a quick alternative. I think I like the other way better to be honest but this is what I did for this particular tassel. 

Gather the twine as shown below

Figure out how far down top section to be and tie a knot around it. Hold the one end down with the bottom section and take the other end and continue to wrap around the top over and over until you like the look of it. Take tweezers or something you can stick up from the bottom to grab that end piece and pull it through to hide the end. Now you can tie it on your favorite planner! 


Colortypes Sophie said...

Lovely full tassel!

Kim H said...

Debbie ~ well aren't you the CLEVER one!! I LOVE it! I have to try this ~ I LOVE tassels and need one for my planner too except I do have a FABULOSU clip ~ ;) by none other than YOU!! Thanks for the awesome tutorial too ~ I think I have a 6x6 paper pad somewhere!! LOL

Maria Calderone said...

I love tassels, this is Awesome! :)

Amber (Best Stamped Intentions) said...

so in LOVE with this tassel!! great job! :)

Karen (karey2005) said...

Great tutorial! I love this tassel too!

Timeless Twine said...

FABULOUS tutorial! Now I am off to make a few for my planner ;)