Saturday, May 30, 2015

Pockets for my Planner

Sequins Saturday!!!
Today I did a little "Pocket letter" style dohicky for my planner for Timeless Twine. I just took the ATC card protector sheets and cut them down to fit my A5 Kikki K. I used the "Oh Snap" stamp set to stamp on a few project life cards from the Inspire collection to stick with the color theme I was going for. I had to choose the right kind of card since they have to be cut down a bit. The sequins are a mix from Bella Creationz and  really are more pastel colors but I took the photo in the sun and they appear more dark vibrant colors which are not really true to the colors they are. 

I love the pocket letters and have wanted to do some of them but I am a planner lover so this was a way to mix the two. Super easy and with a fuse tool you can pretty much create any size you want if you wanted to do the pockets from scratch. Just use regular letter size pocket protectors and make your pockets any size. I dressed it up with a flair button, some cute washi tape. The washi in top left is super cute but it is tinie tiny so you can't even see it but it is gold foil and says "love" on it.

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Maria Calderone said...

Deb your planner is fabulous and nicely done! :)