Thursday, September 24, 2015

Learn Hand lettering and Brush Script


Instagram has me going crazy on a daily basis. I don’t know about you but when i see something super cute each day that I need to find it and buy it. I often see someone that is showing some awesome hand lettering I am completely obsessed. I am also a huge font junkie. I don’t even know how many fonts I have but let me tell you this much it isn’t nearly enough. I hunt for fonts on a daily basis. Stalking all kinds of sites and if I don’t know what font it is I am frantically sending a message if I can find a way to contact them. Yes I know it is obsessive and I admit it. 

So today I wanted to share some sites I found for hand lettering. This is something I would love to get into. Some of the sites show links to videos of “how to” or at least watch a little of what they do. There are several sites for classes as well. Amazon has several good books you can purchase to learn how to do some awesome lettering that I will link below. 

If you do not follow Mommylhey on IG you should be following her. She shows a lot of quick little videos on their of her writing. She is amazing to say the least and also designs her own line of stamps that are super cute and even more impressive that its all her handwriting. Here is a link to her IG and her website She has an “Inspireme365” challenge going on where she post an inspiring quote each day encouraging others to join in on the

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She simply amazes me on a daily basis. Truly a talented lady and someone that has the kindest heart as well. She just oozes sweetness and its rare anymore to find someone so genuine. I have been lucky to find several ladies to call friends that embody those qualities and Lhey is at the top of that list. If the whole world could have a small portion of her qualities then we would live in a much better place. 

Here is just one of her videos on brush script but if you look through her videos you will find several. 

Here is a great site for finding some free tutorials on handwriting

I purchased this book to try to learn some hand lettering from Amazon and if you do a search on there a lot of different books come up

It is all about the pens you use and Lhey has posted on her instagram several pens she uses and where she gets them. Here is a link to the instagram account she tags for buying her pens

Another great youtuber who is awesome at creating hand lettered projects and she actually has several videos showing the way she does it is Kristina Werner of K Werner Designs. Check her channel out I think you will find her creativeness so inspirational with card making and all the various types of projects she does.

I hope you find this as interesting as I do and hope you will join me in creating some great doodles and hand lettering to decorate your planner further, create some great home decor projects to hang on the wall or just send a special gift for someone. I know it is on my to do list to try it all out and see if I can do it. Don't get discouraged when trying cause I am sure it takes some time to learn but we all can add our own personality into it also. Our hand lettering doesn't have to be perfect and that is itself is what makes it perfect to me. Would you love to learn to do this? Think about the possibilities!

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