Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The addiction is real!

I am still a crafter of cards and 3d items but planners have taken over my life obviously! I cannot stop making cute clips for planners! Here are some new ones i thought I would post! 

Hello Kitty Meets Monster Inc.

I absolutely LOVE the walking dead so I added a new character to my group of Walking Dead clips. CAROL! She is BADA$$ on the show so instead of her holding a tray of cookies like others suggested (because she does bake cookies) she has a gun. Ok Daryl, Rick Glenn, Michonne and Carl you have your new clip bud Carol. Who will be next?

I love the way these turned out. Lots of parts but totally cute. 

This hedgehog is the cutest EVA!

Audrey gets Valentine-d

Were off to see the Wizard...

Bear Bunnies!



Stefanie Galvin said...

Every time I see your clips, I just want them ALL! They look amazing, Debbie! I'm in awe of your talent.

the Noveltea Corner

Laura Isaacs, PHR said...

i simply adore the kitty one! heading over to your store to purchase!

GiGi said...

Hi Debbie! I am just getting into my planner (obsessed already LOL) and wanted to say how much I LOVE your beautiful work! I am totally stalking your blog right now and I LOVE these paper clips! Thank you for the great inspiration and ideas <3